Marianne Meyer was born and raised in Switzerland. She has been living in BC’s Okanagan Valley since 2000.  Like many, she started out in a realistic manner, but soon wanted more freedom to express emotions – and to throw around vibrant colours in wild experimentation. The resulting free, abstract compositions was more to her liking. For Marianne, textures  and images emerge spontaneously and seduce her to go further.

Part of her development as an artist includes studying the work of others, especially of contemporary artists.  Her work is usually a combination of sketches, drawings and layered paint applied with a spatula. Acrylic paints, charcoal and art pencils are her preferred media. Her smaller work on wood panels allows her to use many other different tools such as scrapers, collage paper, foam brushes, etc.

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“My work is always changing which gives me the pleasure to experiment and to move forward. I work and rework my paintings until I reach the point when I feel that they express just the right amount of layering, structure and depth. The final colour constellations invite the viewer to find his or hers own personal experience of my pieces. I believe that that’s what art should do.” – Marianne Meyer

Thank you The Avenue Gallery for your support and appreciation for my work. This wonderful group of ladies have helped me connect to an audience that I never thought would be possible. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration. – Marianne Meyer