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Wild Shores by Becky Holuk at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Becky Holuk – Wild Shores

30 x 60

Acrylic on Canvas

Maarten Schaddelee – Nurturing the Creative Seed

25 x 14 x 7

Carrara Marble, Vancouver Island Marble Base


Hyun Jou-Lee – An Opening View

48 x 72

Mixed Media on Canvas

Andrea Russell – Beach Stone, Dendritic Agate, Hessonite & Mammoth Ivory Pendant

2″ long x 2.5″ wide

Sterling Silver Casing

Marianne Meyer – Sunshine on the Water

36 x 36

Acrylic on canvas

One of the premiere boutique art galleries in the Pacific Northwest, The Avenue Gallery, in Victoria, British Columbia, has been showcasing contemporary Canadian fine art since 2002. Patrons from around the world are treated to ever-changing exhibits and have access to unsurpassed collections by painterssculptors, and glass and jewellery artists. This impressive art gallery carries a broad spectrum of modern art that appeals to people new to the contemporary art scene as well as knowledgeable collectors.


“My wife and I very much enjoyed visiting your wonderful gallery. Visiting you was part of a perfect vacation day, and our 41st wedding anniversary! Thank you and good luck with your economic recovery. We will keep our fingers crossed, because you are one of the places we always look forward to visiting when we come to Victoria and Oak Bay particularly. I’ll tell all my friends to visit you when they’re over on Vancouver Island! For us, The Avenue Gallery is one of the most exciting and best curated galleries in BC, and a ‘must visit’ location for visitors to Victoria. Every high street should have one!”  Jim Leggott


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