One of the premiere boutique art galleries in the Pacific Northwest, The Avenue Gallery, in Victoria, British Columbia, has been showcasing contemporary Canadian fine art since 2002. Patrons from around the world are treated to ever-changing exhibits and have access to unsurpassed collections by painters, sculptors, and glass and jewellery artists. This impressive art gallery carries a broad spectrum of modern art that appeals to people new to the contemporary art scene as well as knowledgeable collectors.

Shipping is provided by a dedicated art courier for those living in BC (outside of Victoria) and in many of Alberta’s major centres (e.g. Calgary and Edmonton). UPS, Fedex and Purolator deliver to other areas.

“Your video on Blu Smith and what inspired him was one of the best videos I have seen on an artist. Your website is better than any I have ever seen.  I feel I know your artists personally.  I step out of the shower to two Ron Parker paintings and remember every moment that lead up to each purchase. I need to meet Doreen Schneider and have her pick what would suit me best. And of course, I need to hug Blu who for some reason, touched my heart so much… I can’t explain. Know this is from the heart and from people who know that a life without art and culture is not a life at all.”  Tanis & Larry Hall, Hamilton, Ontario