Becky Holuk is a Calgary based artist, who works primarily in acrylic paint on canvas. After one year of Fine Arts at the University of Regina, Becky completed the four-year Visual Communication program at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, earning an Illingworth Kerr award for proficiency in drawing and design.  After working full-time in the field of graphic design and illustration for ten years, Becky changed direction to focus solely on her passion for fine art painting.


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She considers it a blessing to be part of the connection which artwork provides between artist and viewer, and has discovered that hikes and walks in the natural, majestic beauty of the Alberta Foothills, Canadian Rockies and the West Coast are favourite times to ‘observe, record and reflect’ for later artistic pursuits in the studio.

Becky enjoys reflecting this breath-taking beauty of Creation, captured in her distinct and vibrant style; and sees each painting as an opportunity to form a joyful and grateful response in color and motion to what she has had the privilege to experience in the natural world.