The Artists

Josenhans, Maria

Josenhans, Maria

Maria Josenhans has been practicing art for more than three decades. Her early formal training at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, laid the groundwork for her ever evolving sensibilities, the focus of which is a connecting and reconnecting with the natural world. Her painting career has been directed, informed and inspired by long periods of immersion in travel, dance, and large format photography. Painting both outdoors on location and in her North Vancouver studio, she plays back and forth between representational and abstract work allowing each painting to find its own unique path. She believes there can be no substitute for what happens in response to direct observation and invites her outdoor painting to provide the creative impulse and information for all of her work. Her aim is not to have the viewer experience what she sees and feels but to create a space that shares a tender tribute to the ordinary.

Maria has taken part in several Invitational Plein Air events including Paint the Peninsula, Washington, and Paint the Mountain, West Vancouver. She has received numerous awards and grants, including the Grand Prize at the Kilby Plein Air Festival, Harrison Mills, BC, the Don S. Williams Grant, North Vancouver, BC, the Stafford Plant Award and Honorable Mention for Best Landscape at the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, to name only a few.

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Artist Statement

For over three decades my artistic practice has continually been informed by the language and voice of the land. I interpret this language in varying ways, as its breadth of character seems to range from strong to soft, silent to deafening. My work is directed by watching, listening and sitting alongside these moods. As I paint, I set out to decipher and reconcile the intangible elements of nature before me; the elements that make a moment both fleeting and enduring.

I paint in oils both outdoors and in my studio. Painting out on location and being a part of the environment is an invaluable part of the process when I return to my studio to create larger works. Directly observing and experiencing my subject influences not only my choices of color, but imprints a lasting sense of place. I paint to explore and share what I hold dear and hope that when others look at my paintings they too may recall their own unguarded moments with nature. – Maria Josenhans