Eunmi Conacher began her artistic journey in Seoul, Korea where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. With a thirst to learn more, she went on to continue her artistic studies at The University of Sydney, Australia earning her a post graduate Diploma in Visual Arts as well as taking part in a ceramic research program in Tsukuba University in Japan.

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In 1996, Eunmi immigrated to Canada settling in Whistler, B.C. where she and her husband operated a small business. After moving to Nanaimo in 2004, inspired by the unique Vancouver Island landscape, Eunmi’s insterest in art was renewed. She became an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists in 2008, and an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists in 2013.  She received her  AFCA designation in 2015.

“I describe myself as a contemporary impressionist and expressionist artist. My desire is to create paintings which bring energy to the canvas. My work is more an expression of the mood in the scene rather than a realistic picture of the scene. I use depth of color to balance realism and abstract. My use of color, form, and texture is intuitive. My hope is that the viewers connect emotionally with the painting in their own way. The result I strive for is a painting from the heart.” – Eunmi Conacher

The Avenue Gallery encourages their artists to present their best work. Their feedback is very helpful; therefore motivating. Heather and her staff are always very friendly. In a word, my impression of The Avenue Gallery is “professional”. I am very happy to be a part of The Avenue Gallery.  – Eunmi Conacher