I was born during the sixties on the coast of British Columbia. I’ve birthed sons, gardens and houses, but I’ve always been an artist – there was never any question about that. I paint for different reasons and I paint different genres.

My paintings often explore the relationship between the emotional and the intellectual and are an intuitive response with distinctly personal marks. I paint freely but with formal restraints, respecting the integrity of the structure in the attempt to create tension. I intend to communicate to the viewer a recognizable sensation by forcing expression into a system, impulsively painting with regard to the logical. When I paint flowers, bees and trees it’s with a light heart and gratitude for this world of ours. It’s about colour and joy.

The unapologetic confidence of abstract expressionism inspires me. The work of Willem De Kooning, Arshile Gorky, Helen Frankenthatler, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombley and Joan Snyder are artists I admire. I relate to the surrealist movement in regard to automatic drawing, using the creative unconscious as a valid navigational tool.