Alberta artist, Rachelle Brady’s luscious palette knife paintings capture the fresh energy that she loves most.

Rachelle’s work reveals an artist who is passionate about the world around her, and she captures the emotion and essence of life on canvas, creating an original and exquisite body of work.

Rachelle is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. With her husband and small son, she regularly hikes and explores the beautiful foothills and mountains out her back door. These moments are some of the most precious that she shares with her family.

Her love of the natural beauty that surrounds us has moved Rachelle to share these special places, capturing the emotion and impressions she feels and transferring it to canvas. Fall is her favourite time of year and this is evident in the bold use of yellows, oranges, and reds.

Rachelle’s distinct flowers are imbued with light and texture. Her favourite palette is bright and vivid colours juxtaposed with soft creams and whites.

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“I love painting and being able to share my passion with others. My inspiration comes from things I am drawn to and feel a connection with. My paintings are designed to evoke emotion, radiate contentment and bring happiness. I want to share this with others, and hope they feel the same.”

Each piece of Rachelle’s art is a unique story, a memory that she hopes to share with all who collect her work.

Rachelle was always been drawn to art from a young age, however, it was not until 2005 when she changed occupations, allowing her to actively begin her full-time art career. She hasn’t looked back, producing a notable collection of art.

She continues to immerse herself in the art community, working alongside other artists. Her favourite place to paint though is her own art studio, it is there that she has developed her own distinct style and technique.

As a new artist to the gallery I am truly honoured to be represented in such a beautiful location, alongside such a talented group of artists. It is a pleasure to be building a relationship with such a friendly, hardworking and diligent staff.  I have especially appreciated the kind support of the gallery and look forward to growing as an artist, enjoying many more years to come with The Avenue Gallery. – Rachelle Brady