An Interview with Valérie Butters

What is your first memory creating art?

I am an only child of parents who moved around a lot because my dad was a fighter pilot.   I can’t say my first memory because art is just something I did, like riding a bike.   But I do remember maybe drawing and painting more than riding a bike.  I do remember drawing a lot of airplanes.  They were such a big part of my life.   My dad flew in a time when rules were more relaxed and Canadian military aviation was at its prime during the Cold War.  I remember him flying over our house so low the entire neighbourhood would shake, just to wake my mom and I up.

I drew airplanes like Basquiat drew faces. Read more

An Interview with Steven Stairs

Inspiring thoughts from a recent interview with sculptor Steven Stairs…

What is your first memory of creating art?

I think of myself more as a Maker, as opposed to an artist. I’ve been making things as long as I can remember. First it was leatherwork that I sold at the Farmers Market, furniture making soon followed in my early teens. Then there was sketching and watercolour painting.

Do you have a precise vision for each sculpture before you begin?

I work from sketches and or clay models so yes, I have a pretty good idea right from the start. Still, the process is fluid, things change along the way, there is endless fine tuning…

Is each form carved from one piece of wood? Read more

Designer Testimonial

I have always been impressed with the variety of artwork including paintings, sculpture, glass and ceramics at The Avenue Gallery. To begin the process, they prepare presentations based on our clients’ wishes. They often collaborate with their artists on commissions to create the perfect pieces for our clients. The Avenue Gallery has become my ‘go to’ gallery for both corporate and residential projects, and can work with every budget. I am so happy to support The Avenue Gallery, they always do the best job in presenting ideas for my clients, without any pressure.
– Dawn Garneau, Interior Designer
Nygaard Interior Design Read more

Working With Art: The Importance of Art in Your Business

As the workplace continues its metamorphosis from perhaps a stark cubicle maze to an engaging and comfortable environment, forward thinking companies are constantly looking for ways to revamp and invigorate their new spaces. Including art in the design of your work environment plays a key role in greatly improving client relations and employee morale.

Read on for four points on the importance of art in the branding of a company’s image, creating an inspiring and productive environment for employees and a meaningful first impression on clients.

  1. Increases Productivity: We connect with art because it conjures a memory, emotion, and promotes lateral thinking.
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Bring More Art Into Your Life

When it comes to the rationale for buying art, perhaps no one said it better than designer, socialite, author and art collector Gloria Vanderbilt: “Art brings a message into a room. It should make us perceive in a new way – either through colour, form or narrative content – something we had not perceived before … and perhaps reveal something to you about yourself.”

Heather Wheeler, owner of The Avenue Gallery, does home consultations twice a week to give clients guidelines for their search, and her gallery allows clients to take pieces home for a few days on approval. “This allows clients to live through the change of light without any pressure to buy,” she says. Read more

New paintings & sculpture from gallery favourites!

While spring may not have sprung outdoors, come through our door to experience all the colours of the season featured in our artists’ new work!

Scroll to the bottom for our newest feature, ‘Gallerina’ favourites! We begin with Amber’s…

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Included in this Newsletter:

Blu Smith

Bruce Edmundson

Lorna Dockstader

Douglas Fisher Read more

Why Choose Original Art for Your Home?

One-of-a-kind, original art is key, and yet is sometimes overlooked when designing a space. This list covers six points on the importance of art to create mood, character, and unity for your environment.

  1. Adds Personal Character to a Space 

Original art in the home is a perfect way to express personal aesthetic style and individuality in a way different from most, for original artworks are one-of-a-kind. Transforming a blank slate to a space that reflects your personality; original art elevates your design.

  1. Creates Mood 

Art is inherently emotional; each work triggering a soulful response within us. Read more

The Importance of Art Galleries

Over the last decade, as the Internet and social media have expanded exponentially, viewing art on our computer screens has become commonplace. Although this can be a helpful tool for getting a sense of the artwork in the comfort of your home, art must be experienced in person to accurately understand its scale, texture, true colour, and intricacies.

There is much value in seeing how a work of art hangs amongst other artwork in person. The Avenue Gallery offers an ‘on approval’ service, wherein you can take home the artwork on a trial basis for up to 48 hours, to see how it is complemented by your environment (lighting, size, location, style, etc.). Read more

New Artist, New Paintings, New Jewellery!

We’re excited to introduce Eunmi Conacher, another artist to add to your ‘watch list’!

With spring around the corner we are delighted to share the season’s inspiration by many of our talented artists!

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Pictured at right:

“Jackpoint II”, 40″ x 30″, acrylic on canvas

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