The Avenue Gallery is thrilled to showcase the mesmerizing new works of esteemed glazier Lisa Samphire. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Lisa Samphire has become a luminary in the world of glass art, enchanting audiences with her distinctive creations since 1985.

Triangular Vase (Cobalt) by Lisa Samphire at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Triangular Vase (Cobalt) by Lisa Samphire


Lisa’s work is a harmonious blend of sculptural elegance and functional artistry, each piece reflecting her deep passion and exceptional skill. Her diverse body of work, which ranges from intimate private collections to grand public displays, has garnered numerous awards and scholarships, affirming her status as a leading figure in contemporary glass art.

Lisa’s continuous pursuit of excellence is fueled by her ongoing education at renowned institutions such as The Pilchuk School and The Corning Museum of Glass. These experiences, combined with her role as the owner of Starfish Studio and her teaching stints at Red Deer College, have enriched her artistry and pedagogy. Her dedication to her craft is evident not only in her work but also in her contributions to the glass art community through exhibitions, lectures, and features in prestigious art publications.


Tulip Vase (Cobalt) and Lily Vase (Light Blue) by Lisa Samphire


Among her many accolades, a significant milestone in Lisa’s career was in 2008 when the Federal Government of Canada acquired four of her pieces for its Visual Arts Collection. The following year, her work represented Canada at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea, a testament to her international acclaim and the universal appeal of her art.

We invite you to immerse yourself in Lisa Samphire’s vibrant world at The Avenue Gallery. Her new works are a testament to her enduring creativity and her ability to continually reinvent and revitalize her medium.


Lily Vase (Red/Purple) by Lisa Samphire


Visit us to view these stunning pieces in person and explore the brilliant craftsmanship that defines Lisa Samphire’s illustrious career.