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Included in this Newsletter:

Brenda Roy
Becky Holuk
Andrea Roberts
Mary-Jean Butler
Janis Woode
Shinah Lee
Barbara Adams
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Emerald, Tourmaline, Chrysocolla Dangly Necklace by Brenda Roy at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria BC, Canada

Dangly Necklace
Sterling Silver, Emerald, Yellow Tourmalline, Chrysocolla
1.75″ pendant, 18″ chain


I am one of the few metal artists in the country extensively using stone inlay in my work and I constantly experiment to find unexpected and non-traditional ways of incorporating stone into jewellery pieces. I love to play with the surprise of asymmetrical designs and unexpected material combinations. – Brenda Roy


Jasper and Jade Earrings by Brenda Roy at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria BC, Canada

Jasper and Jade Earrings
Sterling Silver, Picasso Jasper, Black Jade  2″ drop


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Elbow Falls Panorama
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 54 (triptych)


Becky considers it a blessing to be part of the connection which artwork provides between artist and viewer, and has discovered that hikes and walks in the natural, majestic beauty of the Alberta Foothills, Canadian Rockies and the West Coast are favourite times to ‘observe, record and reflect’ for later artistic pursuits in the studio.




Lagoons at Sunset
Acrylic on canvas 15 x 60 (diptych)


Becky captures the breathtaking beauty of the world in her distinct and vibrant style. She sees each painting as an opportunity to form a joyful and grateful response in colour and motion to what she has had the privilege to experience.



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Halfmoon Bay Earrings by Andrea Roberts at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Halfmoon Bay Earrings
Sterling Silver, 18kt. Yellow Gold, Aquamarine drops (Brazil) 0.8″ drop


My aim is to create a story with each of my designs to spark a conversation that mirrors a personal experience, family story, memory or inspiration that lies embedded in my jewelry. I am intrigued by coloured, interesting gems placed in juxtaposition to a carefully chosen texture combined with a design application like foldforming that complete an original design. My inspirations often come from my travels, nature and art that have influenced me throughout a design finding process. – Andrea Roberts


Aqua Ring by Andrea Roberts at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Aqua Ring
Sterling Silver, 18kt. Yellow Gold, Aquamarine (trillion cut) Size 7.75


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Summer Day, Fisgard Lighthouse
Oil on canvas 30 x 60


Last summer I spent time exploring the area around Fort Rodd Hill. On this particular day I was struck by the soft golden light cast on the beach and grasses in the foreground. The lighthouse stood as a beacon with its bold red tones illuminated against the soft palette. – Mary-Jean Butler




Standing Tall
Oil on canvas 36 x 24


Mary-Jean’s oil paintings reflect the rugged landscape of British Columbia’s coastline. Her education in both fine art and graphic design play a strong role in the stylization of her work.



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The Novel
Vintage typewriter parts, plate steel, wrapped copper wire, patina 39 x 3 x 4


The Novel pays tribute to the writer of yesteryear when words were pulled from old sticky keys of vintage typewriters. When taking apart these old wonders of technology, clues left behind reveal characteristics of previous operators. Perhaps sunflower seeds were a favourite snack consumed. Perhaps bobby pins fell when hair was pulled trying to find the perfect phrase. Tobacco and sticky suggestions of scotch or some other favourite cocktail appear like a careless time capsule. Always, always, traces of eraser and white out can be found, telling us that the perfect phrase can be an elusive creature chased still today.

– Janis Woode



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Somewhere in the Memory
Oil on canvas 30 x 80 (diptych)


Shinah begins her work on the floor, using washes of pigment as a backdrop. Then she rotates her canvas on the wall until she is satisfied with its composition and vitality. As a final touch, she adds colours in very fast and instinctive gestures. Shinah’s paintings are inspired by images and vibrations she perceives in her surroundings. Not just a flower but a spontaneous emotion by which the artist shares her feelings about love and life.




Waving Star I
Oil on canvas 30 x 30


Shinah’s natural talent for colour, texture and composition is palpable in her abstracted, botanical canvases.



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Champagne Pearl Necklace
Oxidized Silver, Freshwater Pearls 23.5″ long


Designing and creating pieces of jewellery has been a dream of mine. It has allowed me to bring my passion for the Arts and love of fashion into one – creating sensual and evocative pieces. – Barbara Adams


Narrow Oxidized Silver Bangle with Gold Ball
8.25″ circumference


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Superimposing Services & ‘On Approval’

Turn your dream into reality! We are always happy to superimpose any painting of your choice into your interior. Email us a photo of your empty wall and we will work our magic…

Prefer to jump in and try the painting in your space? You may take artwork home ‘on approval’ for up to 48 hours. If the piece is not a perfect fit for the environment, it may be returned.



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