Japanese Lanterns – Red by Naoko Takenouchi


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Takenouchi, Naoko

Artist Takenouchi, Naoko


Hand Blown Glass
Art Size
2 inch diameter x 4 inch long


Japanese Lanterns – Red by Naoko Takenouchi

($75 per lantern)


The process:

The piece is blown with a small air bubble in the center, then covered with two layers of powdered colored glass. The stem is then added very carefully at the end of the hot process.

And once the piece is annealed for about 15 hours in a kiln, a clear vinyl tape is applied as a resist for certain areas. High pressure sandblasting is used to carve the glass surface to achieve the natural form and texture.

This piece was created by using a sandblasting technique that carves the image into the glass. To properly show the colour & design, please use a soft cloth to rub a little oil over the surface if it gets dry. You can use products such as WD40, ARMORALL or Olive Oil.

The surface of silver foil has been protected by waterproof sealer to stop oxidization. To clean, avoid any sharp object and just use a soft cloth and water.

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