Naoko Takenouchi creates hand-blown glass vessels with ethereal colours and intricate engraved designs usually depicting a visual metaphor or allegory. Naoko blows the vessel, in two transparent colours then etches away to reveal the bottom colour. Next she inlays the surface, front and back, with sheets of silver leaf. When the piece has cooled, she then engraves designs onto the areas covered with silver leaf. Through these pieces she conveys her sensitive interpretations of human figures, flowers, trees, animals, birds and other related images.

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Takenouchi has worked as a glass artist since 1983, when she studied design and glassblowing at the Tama Art University, Tokyo, and glassblowing at the highly regarded New York Experimental Glass Workshop. In 1993, and again in 1998, she was honoured with scholarships to attend the world-renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State.

Artist Statement:

Recently, I have been thinking about my desire to live closer to nature and to be in touch with both my senses and my inner voice. The migration of wild life has given me a certain inspiration. My current series, “Migratory Birds” is exploration of their mysterious and astonishing journey and also the power that we have lost contact with in this modern society.” – Naoko Takenouchi