Infinity Series Pendant by HK+NP Studio (available in Matte or Mirror Finish)


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HK + NP Studio

Artist HK + NP Studio


Sterling Silver
Art Size
18″ chain, 1.5″ pendant


“Dividing earth from sky, the horizon stretches beyond imagination. It’s endless and hypnotic. An infinite and permanent presence throughout our lives. As we gazed across the blue waters of English Bay out to the horizon, we were inspired to create the Infinity series. The continuous form twists in a never-ending loop, thickening as it travels down, then thinning upward in perpetual grace.

Our pendant is handcrafted in sterling silver (nickel free) with the highest quality of materials and with exceptional care. We are very proud of the quality and craftsmanship of all of our jewelry.” – HK + NP Studio

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