Neil Prakash and Hiroko Kobayashi met in Vancouver in 2005 while apprenticing at the office of Nick Milkovich Architects with Arthur Erickson Design Consultant. Kobayashi had completed her architectural education in Tokyo, where she’d developed a passion for jewellery design, and Prakash had wrapped up his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Manitoba. Five years later, the two merged their respective skills and talents into HK + NP Studio and developed a new practice in architectural jewellery design.


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The pair use fundamental techniques, such as sketches, paper models and origami, but are also using computer-aided modeling, 3D rapid prototyping, and 3D rendering. “Our aim is to establish a formal language in our designs that is clear and concise,” writes Prakash. “To accomplish this we utilize clear forms, emphasizing distinct lines, with simplified details. It is important for us that these three elements remain in balance, so that each element is an equal part of the whole design. On the surface, this attitude may seem antithesis to the role of jewellery as ornamentation. We feel, however, that by utilizing this design language we can achieve a relative simplicity in our work expressing a more subtle side of ornamentation.”