One-of-a-kind, original art is key, and yet is sometimes overlooked when designing a space. This list covers six points on the importance of art to create mood, character, and unity for your environment.

  1. Adds Personal Character to a Space 

Original art in the home is a perfect way to express personal aesthetic style and individuality in a way different from most, for original artworks are one-of-a-kind. Transforming a blank slate to a space that reflects your personality; original art elevates your design.

  1. Creates Mood 

Art is inherently emotional; each work triggering a soulful response within us. Through style, colour, medium and texture artists evoke an individual response in each viewer – whether energized and uplifted, intrigued, humbled, or saddened, all created purely via visual cues. It’s truly fascinating to explore how the placement of original art in an interior can affect the way you interact with it, and reinforce the intended mood.

  1. Unifies a Colour Palette 

Artwork is a meaningful way to tie the various colours of a room together, creating a unifying focal point. If you don’t where to start, a piece of original art can be the perfect catalyst for your inspiration.

  1. Makes a Room Feel Finished 

In the absence of artwork, a room does not necessarily look bad, but by no means does it look finished. Although not affecting functionality, art makes a house a home.

  1. Memory-Making

Buying an original work of art is an experience. Whether browsing on vacation or selecting artwork for your dream home, your experience leading up to the purchase of a meaningful piece of art will be a lasting memory.

  1. Supports Artists 

One of the most important aspects about buying original artwork is that you are supporting an artist’s career. Each time you view original art in your home, it provides a feel-good emotion that you are assisting an artist in achieving the success and recognition they deserve.