Over the last decade, as the Internet and social media have expanded exponentially, viewing art on our computer screens has become commonplace. Although this can be a helpful tool for getting a sense of the artwork in the comfort of your home, art must be experienced in person to accurately understand its scale, texture, true colour, and intricacies.

There is much value in seeing how a work of art hangs amongst other artwork in person. The Avenue Gallery offers an ‘on approval’ service, wherein you can take home the artwork on a trial basis for up to 48 hours, to see how it is complemented by your environment (lighting, size, location, style, etc.). If the piece is not a perfect fit for your space, it may be returned.

Visiting art galleries in person can also enhance your sense of community. Connecting with someone personally during the art buying process creates lasting relationships and memories that stay with the artwork forever. Victoria has a healthy collection of established galleries, including a handful on Oak Bay’s Gallery Row. We look forward to chatting with you in the gallery soon!