Winged Aspiration #23 by Naoko Takenouchi


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Winged Aspiration #23 by Naoko Takenouchi

In the last few years, I have been thinking about my desire to live close to nature and to be in touch with both my senses and my inner voice.

The migration of birds has given me a certain inspiration. Many species continue to fly several thousands of miles every year in their migration. They have a very precise navigational system that is part of their survival instinct. This journey is both astonishing and mysterious to me.

Living in an advanced technological and material society for such a long time, I think we have lost contact with these instincts. However, when I think about the creative process, it is about listening to my inner voice and navigating my way through my senses. In this, there is something quite similar to the migration of wild life.

Today, we live in a society with anxiety and uncertainty. Somehow, I feel that our soul and our body should be closer together and find a more harmonious relationship with our own inner world as much as with the outer world. Perhaps, that power within us may able to guide us to a new path to follow.

– Naoko Takenouchi