Window Murrini Vase by Lisa Samphire


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Art Size
9 x 7


This series of work is influenced from repeated patterns found in nature, textiles and the work of Hundertwasser.  The series of works is inspired by my passion for colour and pattern.

Designing of this series is from having experienced some of Hundertwasser’s buildings in Vienna and New Zealand. Each murrini is like the tiles he used to create his asymmetric patterns in architecture.  I love his unconventional use of colour and the element of surprise in his buildings.

I make this series of work using the ‘Aussie Roll-up’ technique. This technique is when a pre-fused glass tile is picked up on a blowpipe, closed into a bubble, and blown into a vessel. I make all of the murrini from “Bullseye” sheet glass. The designs are laid out using ¾ inch thick murrini on a flat metal sheet. When the final pieces are complete and cold, I grind the entire surface in 3 stages and then finish the surfaces with acid etch.

These processes allow me to use the rewarding marriage of right brain / left brain thinking.  It combines the methodical, organized part of me with the creative.  It is the resolution of the interrelated aesthetic and technical problems that makes glass an exciting and challenging medium in which to work.


“Window Murrini Vase” Lisa Samphire