ThreeFooter Ring by Dorothée Rosen


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Rosen, Dorothée

Artist Rosen, Dorothée


Sterling Silver
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ThreeFooter Ring by Dorothée Rosen

For the most daring, the Threefooter ring makes the right statement. It begins as three feet of sterling silver wire, which is first pushed and pulled in various directions, then wound repeatedly into a continuous loop, wrapping around the finger many times without beginning or end. Each ring is unique and different; no two are the same. Some are wider and wilder, some are tamer and longer.

This ring generally has 13-15 loops, but that can vary, depending on how much the metal was forged, and the size of the ring. Average width really varies on how the ring is wound, and can be anywhere between is 1.5 – 2.5 cm (ca. 3/8″ – 1″). For a more masculine style, I wind the length of precious metal more on the spot; for a more feminine version, it’ll get more elongated. – Dorothée Rosen