The Novel by Janis Woode


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Woode, Janis

Artist Woode, Janis


Vintage typewriter parts, plate steel, wrapped copper wire, patina
Art Size
39 x 3 x 4


The Novel by Janis Woode

The Novel pays tribute to the writer of yesteryear when words were pulled from old sticky keys of vintage typewriters.  When taking apart these old wonders of technology, clues left behind reveal characteristics of previous operators. Perhaps sunflower seeds were a favourite snack consumed. Perhaps bobby pins fell when hair was pulled trying to find the perfect phrase.  Tobacco and sticky suggestions of scotch or some other favourite cocktail appear like a careless time capsule.  Always, always, traces of eraser and white out can be found, telling us that the perfect phrase can be an elusive creature chased still today. – Janis Woode

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