Tangle Falls by Lorna Dockstader


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Dockstader, Lorna

Artist Dockstader, Lorna


Acrylic on canvas
Art Size
60 x 40


TANGLE FALLSTwenty years ago I travelled to Jasper to attend a watercolour workshop given by Canadian artist Doris Macarthy. Many artists have been influenced by European painters, I have been influenced by Canadians- Lawren Harris, Doris Macarthy, and Robert Genn. I am a Canadian by birth, so why not paint like one?

We had stopped at a rest stop along the highway. And as I looked upwards, on the opposite side, I saw Tangle Falls for the first time. It was a multi-leveled waterfall, and reminded me of an enormous staircase. The rock stairs were guarded by sentinel spruce, tall and stately. The falls themselves were magnificent, having the qualities of royalty. And unlike the colours of the rocks that were there, I knew they needed to be dark, and rich. This would also create an effective contrast against the purity of the water.The forest above was impenetrable, blocking intrusion from any invaders.  I didn’t know this memory would be triggered again, while painting “Refreshing Summer.” – Lorna Dockstader

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