Sun Stone by Bruce Edmundson


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Salt Spring Island Big Leaf Maple Burl, Marble Turntable Base
Art Size
23.5 x 22 (8 inch base)


Sun Stone is inspired by the Aztec Sun Stone (Piedra del Sol), housed in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, perhaps the most famous work of Aztec sculpture. The Aztec stone is approximately 12 ft. in diameter and weighs over 20 tons. This Sun Stone, an homage to the original Aztec artisans, is 22″ in diameter and weighs, with its 8″ granite base, about 25 lbs. 
I travelled extensively throughout Latin America in the 80s, and brought back many indelible memories of the ruins and the awe-inspiring National Anthropology Museum. 
This sculpture has the look of being an artifact, as if it were a similarly ancient unearthed and now preserved piece of history. The tight swirly grain of the burl interlaced with the black lines of the spalting (a form of wood coloration caused by fungi) gives it a unique color and pattern, like an impressionistic image of the Aztec iconography. – Bruce Edmundson