Soaring by Mary-Jean Butler


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Oil on canvas
Art Size
36 x 60


“I feel very fortunate to live within walking distance of Lighthouse Park which is also in West Vancouver. It is an extremely popular park with both locals and tourists alike, and is well used throughout the year. There is an extensive trail system that works it way throughout the old growth forest to the coastal bluffs. There are a number of spectacular arbutus trees perched on the cliff that I keep coming back to, time and time again in my paintings. Soaring is a cropping of one of the most majestic trees in the park, and has all the attributes of what I feel makes an arbutus tree so special. My focus was to move inward, and explore the texture and subtle variances of colour both in the twisting bark of the trunk as well as the dappled light highlighting the branches.” – Mary-Jean Butler

Soaring by Mary-Jean Butler