Smarty Switched Axis by Lisa Samphire


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Blown Glass
Art Size
14 x 13 x 5


Smarty Switched Axis by Lisa Samphire

“Glass is the medium I have chosen to express and explore my interests in making art. It is the resolution of interrelated aesthetic and technical problems that makes glass an exciting and challenging medium in which to work.

The Switched Axis Vase Series were designed to have the patterns in the glass be different than expected. It is natural in the blowing process for the stripes to go horizontal around the piece of glass. The vases are made of three bubbles added together during the blowing process and the axis of the pieces switched to make the stripes of the piece be vertical. Drilling the hot glass with a hot tungsten rod provide the hole for the switch of the axis. This opening is made in the center colour in the middle of the band. The small hole is opened to attach the piece to another pipe and to continue the blowing process in the new direction. These are challenging pieces to make and require a talented glass blower to assist. These pieces go through many transitions between the pipe and punty. I love the transition of the colours between the bubbles, the thickness of the glass at the joints and how they play with the light refracting and reflecting. And of course there is the overlap of the colours creating new ones when looking through the piece from front to back. These are large statement pieces.” – Lisa Samphire