Onefooter Necklace by Dorothée Rosen


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Rosen, Dorothée

Artist Rosen, Dorothée


Sterling Silver
Art Size
18″ chain


Onefooter Necklace by Dorothee Rosen

The necklace in the Onefooter series, like its companion Onefooter ring, is made from a one-foot-long piece of smaller gauge sterling silver. Because each ‘bead’ or ‘nest’ is made from individually forged wire, which is then wound by hand into a continuous loop, each necklace is totally unique. – Dorothée Rosen

Pendant is sterling silver on a 16″ chain. Each pendant is individually forged and wound by hand. It is attached to the chain in a way that lets it move along the chain freely, but will prevent it from slipping off and disappearing below your dresser.