Knot Ring by Dorothée Rosen


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Rosen, Dorothée

Artist Rosen, Dorothée


Sterling Silver
Art Size
Available in Sizes 6 & 6.75 – please contact gallery


Knot Ring by Dorothée Rosen

Each of these rings is individually hand-fabricated, bending the wire by hand and with simple tools in a free-flowing way, without method or conscious decision. Thus, every one of these rings is completely unique. This series was inspired by a photo I took of bare vines against a winter sky. I played with wire for a long time before I found a way to translate what I felt into a piece of jewellery. The square wire juxtaposes the round shapes of the knots beautifully. Much can, of course, be said about the symbolism of knots, and tying them – an unusual way to say ‘Let’s tie the knot’! – Dorothée Rosen

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