Homeward Bound by Bruce Edmundson


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Big Leaf Maple Burl; quartz base
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24 x 14 x 6


Homeward Bound by Bruce Edmundson

“Homeward Bound” is an homage to Tony Gooch for his (and his wife Coryn’s) spirit of adventure. Particularly inspiring was  Tony’s 2002/03 solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the planet.  He did so at the middle-age of 64, the first person to do so from a North American west coast port, in this case Victoria.  

Their boat, now sold, the 44 foot cutter Taonui, had been the means of world wide adventures, throughout their marriage. In this case Coryn monitored his progress and communicated with him when and where possible, posting his progress on a website. Once asked what sustained him throughout, he said it was the beer. 178 days and 7457 miles later Tony came home.  – Bruce Edmundson