Feather Dust by Tanya Bone


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Oil on Linen
Art Size
10 x 8


Feather Dust by Tanya Bone

I began this painting working from life, while studying with a still life master in 2013.  It was a great start but far from the level of finishing I was trying to achieve (especially in depicting the feather’s texture and portraying a sense of settled dust).  I had to set it aside until I’d developed my skills further.  The setup includes a couple of my stockpile favorites… for the reds, a vintage, tin picnic basket and a 1933 Schilling Hungarian Paprika spice tin.  I chose the green background board and fabric as perfect opposites in the color spectrum for the reds.   The painting was completed in my studio in late 2015 from photo references taken of my setup during my studies, and close observation from life of the spice tin. – Tanya Bone