Englishman River Falls by Lorna Dockstader


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Acrylic on canvas
Art Size
24 x 24


ENGLISHMAN RIVER FALLS – While exploring Vancouver Island, one summer, we were heading to the Market at Coombs, and I spotted a sign for Englishman River Falls. Thought I’d better investigate and was glad I had. The site was sheltered, quiet, and quite dark at that time of day. The falls were almost as wide as they were high. I selected a square format, yet only included a portion of them in my composition. I wanted to place the emphasis on rhythms, something I do frequently with my Alberta foothills paintings. Also decided a slight S-curve exit, would work as well. The rocks were dark, wet, and shiny, the way I wanted my canvas to look when I was done. I decided to change the size of some of the rocks, and to alternate solid colours with patterned ones, to create variety, and contrasts. After adding the patterns I stood back from my easel to evaluate what was happening and suddenly I realized what had recently inspired me. Many of us are watching a “series” on television.  I had watched all six seasons of “Game of Thrones”.

The colours of the costumes, the armour, and the rich tapestries in some of the scenes had affected the way in which I designed, then painted the patterned rocks. The ones in the foreground, on the right, had a Medieval look. They make me smile. My subconscious mind had a plan of its own. – Lorna Dockstader