Derelict by Bruce Edmundson


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live edge Salt Spring Island Big Leaf Maple Burl, set on an artisan BC granite base
Art Size
26.5 x 12 x 12


Derelict by Bruce Edmundson

Every derelict boat is a unique story of the hopes and dreams that fuelled its journey. “Derelict”, the sculpture, is about the beauty of these lost or abandoned boats.  A burl, my source material, like a derelict boat,  has its own unique natural beauty and history.  The live-edge, natural faults, bird’s eye and swirling grains of the burl expose a rich history that pays homage to the story behind the sad beauty of a boat.  In this case, it was inspired by the abandoned boats I see walking my dog on various local beaches.  I am trying, as a sculptor, to use the rare source material, burls, to reflect iconic images from our everyday lives.  I hope the outcome honours both the burl and the inspiration, by bringing them together and creating something both similar and unique.  – Bruce Edmundson