Bird’s Eye Cove by Lorna Dockstader

Bird’s Eye Cove by Lorna Dockstader

Acrylic on canvas
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24 x 30


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Dockstader, Lorna

Artist Dockstader, Lorna



BIRD’S EYE COVEAs most of my family members moved to British Columbia in the 1970’s, we often  took trips to visit them. I was employed as a geophysical technologist by Imperial Oil, and was transferred to Calgary, in 1972. Balancing my painting time, participating in exhibitions, learning new computer skills, and raising a family was a juggling act to say the least. It was fortunate that as time went on I could negotiate three work days a week at another company. I painted for two days, with family time on the weekends. The day following 9/11/2001, I resigned, and began painting full time. Life was too short not to be doing what I loved best. And we now had more time for visiting family on the island. Before one of our dinners, I noticed a beautiful islet in Bird’s Eye Cove. It was autumn and I liked the complementary colours, against the neutrality of the rocks, and the mysterious dark water.  I filed it away in memory, knowing I would paint it, one day. – Lorna Dockstader

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