Carolyn Houg is a clay sculptor who lives and works on beautiful Vancouver Island. Her playful sculptures of animals, birds and people celebrate our interconnectedness with nature and each other.

After studying Fine Arts at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) in Montreal and the University of Alberta in Edmonton, she worked in oils, acrylic, water media monoprinting, concrete and, most recently, clay.

Carolyn’s clay animals and figures are lighthearted explorations of posture and personality: “We are just beginning to understand animal intelligence. Our understanding comes through observing body movements, posture, and the wisdom that shines in their eyes.” – Carolyn Houg

Carolyn has participated in many solo and group gallery exhibitions in British Columbia and Alberta. In 2015, Carolyn won Best 3D Award at the Sidney Fine Art Show, and the following year her work was featured in advertising for their show. In 2017, Carolyn won the Award of Excellence at the Sooke Fine Arts Show.


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Artist’s Statement:

My goal with these pieces is to make people smile and feel a caring connection with the animals and birds that surround us and those that are endangered in other parts of the world.

The sculptures are playful and quirky and often place the subjects in unlikely situations. Birds are riding when they can fly; polar bears sailing when they can swim. Many of my characters act against their usual instincts; sweet lions and fierce rabbits. All are meant to have us pause and consider all we have in common with our fellow creatures. – Carolyn Houg