Minori Takagi first came across Japanese glass beads (called Tombodama) at a local gallery in her hometown of Shizuoka, Japan in 1997. She was so impressed by their subtle colour and delicate design that she immediately took her first bead-making class at a local studio. Using colourful Japanese glass rods (called Satake), she learned the basics of Tombodama. The lessons were only twice a month, but her skill and creativity soon became apparent. Her initial interest in making Tombodama has since developed into a life-long passion for the art form.

In addition to spending countless hours in the studio refining her craft, she has also participated in numerous workshops both in Japan and North America. Most memorable were the ISGB Gathering in Washington, D.C, The Best Bead Show in Tucson, Arizona and the International Lampwork Festival in Kobe, Japan. It was in Kobe where Minori had the opportunity to attend demonstrations by talented glass artists Loren Stump and Akihiro Ohkama. Each of these artists inspired her to try new glass techniques that she has now incorporated into her beadwork.

In early 2006, Minori moved from Japan to Canada’s scenic west coast, and now calls Vancouver, B.C. home. Working with Satake glass she continues to create her own unique style of gorgeous Tombodama beads.