Andrea’s jewellery design is inspired by shape, color, dimension, texture, and unique gems from Brazil. Her creations often embody sculpture like art pieces to wear with the emphasis on one-of-a-kind and timeless beauty. The balance of materials, textures, colors and how design embraces the uniqueness of a gem is what makes her pieces exceptional, infused with the artists’ creative mind and soul.

Andrea’s training began in Germany where she grew up and graduated as a certified goldsmith in 1989 at the prestigious College for Goldsmiths in Pforzheim, Germany. After working in the trade for some years she decided to move to Vancouver, Canada in 1996 where she established her own studio.

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Her jewelry has travelled all over the world. In 2004 one of her pieces was commissioned by the former Governor-General, Adrienne Clarkson as a present of state for her majesty Sonia, Queen of Norway representing Canadian Arts and Craft.

I am motivated by originality from the inspiration of an idea to the finish of the design execution and process. Each piece becomes a creative statement, a visual poem; unique in shape, colour and texture. All gems from Brazil incorporated in my designs are completely conflict free therefore making your wearing experience a happy one. Individual design wishes for clients are always welcome and they are designed and fabricated with love for each customer’s needs.” – Andrea Roberts

I love hearing about customers stories, feedback, where they come from. Communication with everyone at the gallery has been flawless over the years which is so crucial to establish a trusting and successful relationship between the artist and the Gallery. – Andrea Roberts