Bayot Heer was born in the Swiss Alps near the 1,300 year-old city of Lucerne. After studying furniture-making and architectural design in Switzerland, Bayot came to Calgary, Canada over 30 years ago to create a custom furniture business and, ultimately, to become a renowned jewellery creator. His new home and studio in the foothills of Alberta, with a view of the Rocky Mountains, is the inspiration for many of his designs and a dazzling personal reminder of his Swiss roots.

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Several years of hands on training in jewellery and over two decades later, Bayot is still immersed in the wonderful world of precious materials. His past is very much an influence for his current work, drawing on architectural lines and techniques applied in woodworking to create a unique style of jewellery.

Bayot considers working with precious metals and gemstones a rare privilege that comes with the responsibility to honour these materials with lasting designs. In this context he is often reminded of the Italian inspired slow food movement – being mindful of earth’s resources we are trusted with. Bayot strives to live up to this excellent quote by Piet Hein; “true design asks one thing of us: to uncover what it covers.”

I am very grateful to The Avenue Gallery for representing my work in Victoria. Heather and her wonderful staff have so much joy for the new pieces, which will surely inspire many visitors. I feel honoured to be part of this professional team of art lovers. – Bayot Heer