Air & Earth Design is the contemporary jewellery brand designed by artist, Heidi von der Gathen. Hand-crafted, organic inspired elements combined with clean lines and unique finishes give Heidi’s jewellery a chic and contemporary edge. Unusual, fine and quality materials paired with sculptural forms result in work with a strong sense of femininity. These are timeless pieces that describe style rather than fashion and can be worn for years.

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Heidi received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was a practicing artist for ten years during which she taught, exhibited, and curated in the U.S.A., Canada, EU and Japan. Heidi went on to establish a successful career in television commercial post-production culminating in a fruitful business partnership and the position of Partner / Executive Producer. Inspired by years of travel, Heidi returned to personal creative practice in 2016. Encouraged by word-of-mouth interest and subsequent sales, she founded Air & Earth Design in 2017. It’s been a terrific adventure so far!