Denise Wiley – Blu Smith’s Angel in the Eyes

I believe one should always buy art that speaks to you.  If it is because it matches your decor, prompts an emotional response, or makes you not stop thinking about it, it is speaking to you.  I look at these paintings every day and every time I see them I think “I am so glad I have these in my life.”  The fact that I acquired them before we bought our home and yet they fit in perfectly means to me that they were meant to be.

– Denise Wiley

How fortunate I was when Catherine drew my attention to ‘Picasso Dancer’ – a small sculpture that she felt I might like, given my previous interests. She was absolutely right!  The piece now has a special place in my home, where I get to enjoy it every day.

– Richard Crow

Attached is a picture of our newest acquisition ‘Seastacks at Bamfield’ that we purchased from you yesterday. We love the piece!

– Kate Clarke

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