In this edition of our newsletter, as well as sharing new work, we are also featuring some of the gallerinas’ favourite artworks… enjoy!

Included in this Newsletter:

Eunmi Conacher
Lisa Samphire
William Liao
Gaye Adams
Shinah Lee
Jeff Goodman Studio
Brent Lynch
Nicola Prinsen
Linda Freedman Katz



Beyond Whiffin Spit by Eunmi Conacher

Beyond Whiffin Spit

acrylic on canvas 12 x 36


Since immigrating to Canada 20 years ago, Eunmi has lived in Whistler, Nanaimo, and now calls Sooke home, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.


West Coast Trail III by Eunmi Conacher

West Coast Trail III

Acrylic on canvas 18 x 18


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Landscape Vase - Purple & Gold by Lisa Samphire at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Victoria, BC., Canada

Landscape Vase (Purple/Gold)

Glass 8 x 8.5 x 5


Lisa’s exquisite vases unfold with inviting colours, impressive form and masterful technique.


Tulip Vase (Lime) by Lisa Samphire at The Avenue Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Victoria, BC., Canada

Tulip Vase (Lime)

Glass 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.5



Lidded Vessel

Glass 20 x 8


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Edge of the Water by William Liao

Edge of the Water

Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20


William’s brilliant use of palette in this abstracted landscape adds a surreal view to this masterful painting.

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Captivating Coastline by Gaye Adams

Captivating Coastline

Oil on canvas 36 x 36


Through the 30 years Gaye has worked professionally as an artist, what remains constant is her passion for painting the effects of light and atmosphere, which is the signature of her work.


The Emerald Sea by Gaye Adams

The Emerald Sea

Oil on canvas 20 x 16


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Hope by Shinah Lee

Oil on canvas 48 x 60


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Cerulean Vessel by Jeff Goodman Studio

Blown Glass 34 x 6




Spirit in the Sky by Brent Lynch

Oil on canvas 48 x 48


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Radiant Cow by Nicola Prinsen, edition 4 of 5

Radiant Cow by Nicola Prinsen, edition 4 of 5

Bronze 19 x 23 x 6


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Fabrique Necklace by Linda Freedman Katz

Argentium Silver, Bronze 28″ chain (adjustable)


View Linda’s jewellery



I do not live in Victoria or even in British Columbia, but visit at least two or three times a year. My first port of call (after visiting the relatives) is always Oak Bay and in particular The Avenue Gallery. The Avenue Gallery is my favorite gallery on Vancouver Island, if not in the world. I love its wonderful collection of top quality British Columbian artists, not just painters, but jewelers, basket weavers, potters, sculptors, carvers and glass artists. The gallery is spacious and very well laid out giving every artist adequate room to display their work to advantage. I find visiting this gallery very uplifting and the staff informative and very friendly.  – Caroline Carroll

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