While spring may not have sprung outdoors, come through our door to experience all the colours of the season featured in our artists’ new work!

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Bruce Edmundson

Lorna Dockstader

Douglas Fisher



Big Leaf Maple Burl  18 x 18 x 8


Hunger means something is missing: food, a safe country to live in, an education, or even hope. We all hunger for something.  

When I design a sculpture, thinking it through, applying new and geriatric skills to optimistic materials, I am hungry. I am seeking something that is missing. Oddly, the more I remove from that block of timber the hungrier I get. The more I carve the more I want. What you see in this sculpture is my attempt to see what my own hunger looks like.

– Bruce Edmundson

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Sheltered Cove

Acrylic on canvas  22 x 30


Arriving in the gallery later this month, Lorna Dockstader’s essentialist paintings speak to her passion for the natural world.

Medicine Lake

Acrylic on canvas  15 x 30


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The Past Remembered

Big Leaf Maple  17.75 x 2


I have long been fascinated with the art of indigenous cultures from around the world. Upon first inspection most of it seems so simple and yet at the same time is very powerful.

– Douglas Fisher

Coho 14A

Maple Burl  4 x 2.5


One of five new Coho pieces in the miniature Coho series…

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We will be featuring staff favourites in upcoming newsletters.

Enjoy Amber’s…

Sombrio Sundown

Oil on canvas  28 x 28


This painting by Ron Parker transports me to a time and place when I was truly content. Welcomed to our home for the night, my friends and I walked down to Sombrio Beach just as the sun was starting to turn the sky a rich golden colour. I can feel the cold sand as I take my hiking boots off and sink in my bare feet, the bite of the ocean chill as we fight with our tents and sleeping mats before huddling together on some driftwood and ‘cheers’-ing to the sunset. – Amber

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