New paintings, jewellery, and sculpture by gallery favourites… a feast for the eyes!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… don’t forget your sweetheart! We have the most beautiful jewellery and lots of little treasures from which to choose!

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Pictured at right:

“False Creek Colours” by Susie Cipolla, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 12″

Included in this Newsletter: 

Kevin Cremin

Hyun-Jou Lee

Andrea Roberts

Susie Cipolla

Anne Kelly

Shinah Lee

Doreen Schneider

Bruce Edmundson

Kimberly Kiel



Three-Leaf Stud Earrings

18kt. Yellow & White Gold, White Pearls, Diamonds (20 pts, GH/SI)


Exquisitely crafted by De Beers award-winning jeweller Kevin Cremin, in 18kt yellow and white gold with pearls, gemstones and diamonds, Kevin’s pieces are classic treasures.

Angel Earrings

18kt. Yellow Gold, White Pearls, Tanzanites


View Kevin’s jewellery


Inner Wing

Mixed media on canvas  24 x 36


Jou-Lee paints in a brisk manner with a constant renewed freedom. In her paintings, the multiple forms isolated or intertwined bring a quiet and tranquil vision. The juxtaposed shapes are the final result of a battle where art is the battlefield.

In Between Memories

Mixed media on canvas  48 x 60


View Jou-Lee’s paintings


Three of Us Necklace

Sterling Silver (roller printed texture), 18kt Yellow Gold,

Japanese Cultured Saltwater Pearls, Omega Chain


“I am motivated by originality from the inspiration of an idea to the finish of the design execution and process. Each piece becomes a creative statement, a visual poem; unique in shape, colour and texture.”

Giza Pyramid Earrings

Sterling Silver, Japanese Cultured Saltwater Pearls


View Andrea’s jewellery


Save Me a Seat

Acrylic on canvas  18 x 24


You can smell the fresh sea air as marine life abounds in this newest series from Susie Cipolla.

Red, White & Blue

Acrylic on canvas  18 x 14


View Susie’s paintings


Deco Lightning Necklace

Sterling Silver


Taking over 30 hours to create, Anne’s Deco Lightning Necklace has that wow-factor… dress it up, dress it down – the perfect piece for any occasion!

View Anne’s jewellery


Another Journey

Oil on canvas  60 x 48


Shinah’s natural talent for colour, texture and composition is palpable in her abstracted, botanical canvases.

Morning Pond

Oil on canvas  24 x 48


View Shinah’s paintings


Sterling Silver Chain

29.5″ long


Doreen’s design skill is showcased in this new sterling silver multi-link necklace.

View Doreen’s jewellery



Bird’s Eye Big Leaf Maple  24 x 12 x 9


“I have learned that to experiment and take risks is to court success. I want to express the natural splendour of the wood while enhancing it with the human touch.  I want it to be unique, the hand of one person enabling nature’s inherent strengths and beauty. I try to do that by testing both the limits of my skills and the assets of the nature I am working on.”


Bird’s Eye Big Leaf Maple  21 x 5 x 4


View Bruce’s sculptures


Hang On!

Oil on canvas  12 x 12


Look familiar? Winter thrives in this fun arrival from Kimberly…

Catch Up!

Oil on canvas  12 x 12


Kimberly perfectly captures a springtime bicycle ride…

Sunny Days

Oil on canvas  12 x 12


Wishful dreaming…

View Kimberly’s paintings

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