We’re excited to introduce Eunmi Conacher, another artist to add to your ‘watch list’!

With spring around the corner we are delighted to share the season’s inspiration by many of our talented artists!

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“Jackpoint II”, 40″ x 30″, acrylic on canvas

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Eunmi Concacher

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We are delighted to introduce BC painter, Eunmi Conacher. With a formal education spanning the globe, Eunmi has studied at Hong-Ik University in Soeul, Korea, The University of Sydney, Australia, and Tsukuba University in Japan. Since immigrating to Canada 20 years ago, Eunmi has lived in Whistler, Nanaimo, and now calls Sooke home, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Tofino in the Wind

Acrylic on panel  18 x 18


I describe myself as a contemporary impressionist and expressionist artist. My desire is to create paintings which bring energy to the canvas… more an expression of the mood in the scene rather than a realistic picture of the scene. I use depth of colour and form to balance realism and abstract. My hope is that viewers connect emotionally with my paintings in their own way. – Eunmi Conacher

Seoul I

Acrylic on panel  36 x 36


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Sterling Silver OneFooter Ring with Sapphire

3mm 0.17ct Princess Cut Sapphire set in 18kt. Yellow Gold  size 8


The squareness of the princess cut sapphire set in 18kt yellow gold sets off nicely against the round shapes of the ring. As in all Onefooter rings, the sterling silver is forged in various directions, then wound repeatedly into a continuous loop, wrapping around the finger many times without beginning or end. Each ring is unique and different; no two are the same!

Knot Necklace

Sterling Silver


This series was inspired by a photo I took of bare vines against a winter sky. I played with wire for a long time before I found a way to translate what I felt into a piece of jewellery. The square wire juxtaposes the round shapes of the knots, and the piece conveys elegance of the vines.

Each piece is individually hand-fabricated, randomly forming the wire in its knot shapes by hand or with simple tools. Thus, each necklace is completely unique. – Dorothée Rosen

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Louise Shallows

Oil on canvas  36 x 48


These stunning new paintings by highly acclaimed artist Brent Lynch pay homage to two stunning Canadian vistas – Lake Louise and Yellow Point. Honoured with many prestigious communications and fine art awards, Brent was most recently awarded the silver medal in the International Art Exhibition ‘Aims for Art’. He is a Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA).

Shell Beach, Yellow Point

Oil on canvas  36 x 48


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Solstice Necklace

Oxidized Silver Pendant; Gold-Fill Chain


This contemporary pendant was hand carved in wax then cast in sterling silver before being oxidized.

Rose Ring

Sterling & Oxidized Silver  Size 7


A classic piece that can be layered with other rings, this three-rose sterling silver ring is accentuated with oxidized accents.

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Deco Lightning Earrings

Sterling Silver


With a necklace to match, Anne’s latest eye-catching earrings are the perfect adornment to any ensemble.

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Infinity Series Pendant with Akoya Pearl

Sterling Silver (Matte or Mirror finish), 18″ chain


The Infinity series pendant was conceived while gazing from the shoreline of English Bay in Vancouver towards the limitless horizon. The pendant consists of a diamond shape profile that sculpturally flows to resemble the symbol for infinity. – HK+NP Studio

Aurora Earrings

Sterling Silver (in Matte or Mirror Finish)


Nothing is more magical than watching the Northern Lights dance upon the canvas of the night. This phenomena is the sun’s gift to our long winter nights and the inspiration behind our Aurora Series. Swirls of reflection dancing on twisting forms reminds us of the playful movement of these celestial lights. – HK+NP Studio

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