This new year promises great creativity! The newest additions to the gallery have just arrived… paintings, jewellery and sculpture – feast your eyes!

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Pictured at right:

Kimberly Kiel“One More Time with Feeling Part 2”, oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Included in this Newsletter:

Linzy Arnott

Michael Hermesh

Kimberly Kiel

Doreen Schneider



Above the Falls

Acrylic on canvas  48 x 36


Linzy’s palette of inspiration comes from the places she explores – rainy seascapes to luscious forests – places where she finds unspeakable beauty.

Westcoast Fog

Resin on panel  18 x 42


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Pocketa, Pocketa, Pocketa

Ceramic  30 x 8 x 7


“Pocketa Pocketa Pocketa is the sound an old jalopy makes in a 1950’s cartoon. The balloonist stands on a towering precipice ready to fall or take flight. This is a jumping off point, the leap of faith that is creativity. That being said the difference between the balloon and the weight of the physical is the spiritual dichotomy that is our reality.”

Mocking Bird in an Orange Bush, edition 10 of 12

Bronze  8.5 x 10.5 x 6.5


“A man going about his day has come across a mystery…. A Mocking Bird in an Orange Bush. Setting down his suitcase he pays attention and is observed in return. For this period of time, at least, he departs from his script and becomes alive.”

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Made From Something Different

Oil on canvas  30 x 60


This latest collection shows Kimberly’s mastery and confidence with a palette knife. Fresh and full of energy, her subject matter leaps from the canvas!

That’s How the Story Goes

Oil on canvas  18 x 72


Having always had a love for creating things – for music, for dance – Kimberly finds her greatest passion when she applies paint brush to canvas; and finds as much joy in the process as in the end product.

Give It All to You

Oil on canvas  48 x 36


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Sterling Silver Chain

30 ½” (78cm) long


This new series of textured sterling silver and gold-filled link necklaces show Doreen’s new-found passion with the hammer – her latest addition to her creative space!

Gold-Filled Chain

Multiple rings of various sizes & weights  26″ (67cm) long


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Heather, Catherine, Kathleen & Amber