As September’s shadows grow longer and our days become shorter, the gallery offers exciting, new work to brighten your spirits.

Only a week to go until Ron Parker’s highly anticipated solo exhibition, Juan de Fuca Beaches. Scroll to the bottom for a few more sneak peeks, and link to view all paintings on our website!

Exciting new paintings, jewellery and glass to feast your eyes on!

Pictured at right:

Ron Parker, Mystic Beach Summer, oil on canvas, 20 x 20

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Included in this Newsletter:


Brent Lynch

Deborah JLambson

Patty Ripley

Veronica Stewart

Susie Cipolla

Anne Kelly

Lisa Samphire

Doreen Schneider

Ron Parker Exhibition



Sunset on Stack, Bamfield (field study)

Oil on canvas  20 x 16


Brent is recognized by his peers as a powerful landscape painter, using mood, light, composition and movement to convey his experiences. His dynamic use of colour and brushstrokes, along with his unique and daring compositional style are trademarks of his work.




Stack Tide (field study)

Oil on canvas  18 x 24


View Brent’s paintings




Alchemy Bracelet

Murano glass beads, Turquoise mined in Arizona, Sterling Silver, Hand-Fabricated Mixed Metal closure


Unique and feminine, Deborah’s lamp-worked glass jewellery is imbued with flowing, graceful lines and subdued earthy colours that mimic nature.


Monet Bracelet

Glass beads, Canadian Labradorite, hand-fabricated mixed metal hook clasp


View Deborah’s jewellery



Journey Upstream

Acrylic on canvas  54 x 48


“How many journeys do we embark on before we realize they’re important life changers?  I like to remind myself that any journey, adventure or technique can be a pivotal one and I like to live within presence so I can savor that.” – Patty Ripley


Spirit Ridge

Mixed media on canvas  48 x 36


“Avidly hiking these past years in the Pacific Northwest and California, I notice how the ridge point tends to be the pinnacle of the hike. It’s where the culminated effort and forward momentum comes to a stop. The body slows and relaxes, and even if the view is diminished by weather, there’s a peacefulness that pervades as you become attuned to the silence and surroundings – a peacefulness which often follows you back down the trail as you notice with fresh eyes the new vistas from a new direction.” – Patty Ripley

View Patty’s paintings



Winter Wedding Collar

Silver & Crochet with Opalised Glass, Silver Beads, Pearls, Swarovski Crystals


Filled with sparkle and shine, Veronica’s latest creations are the perfect statement piece for your fall and winter wardrobe.


Textured Square & Oval Earrings

Fine Silver


View Veronica’s jewellery




Adirondacks at Dusk

Acrylic on panel  16 x 20


Adirondacks At Dusk invites you to bring your glass of wine and a friend, sit down, take in the view and unwind. The last of the sun’s rays are hitting the chairs and soon it will be dark. The foreground rocks have already fallen into the shade and there is only a light breeze on the water. It is August and it is still warm so you don’t need a jacket. For the moment you have completely forgotten about work.” – Susie Cipolla


Dusk on the Water

Acrylic on canvas  30 x 40


Dusk On The Water is of a ship that was abandoned near Britannia, BC. It was towed and left to live its last few years neglected and rusting away. Over the last year that it was moored there it developed a list and one day it was gone.” 

– Susie Cipolla

View Susie’s paintings



Timorphic Neckpiece

Welded pure titanium rings; Sterling Silver clasp and rings


The word ‘maille’ is derived from the French word for ‘net’ or ‘mesh’. Maille is a material made of interwoven rings or links that may be combined with other elements, such as metal plates. A geometric shape-shifter, maille can embody chain, fabric, or complex sculptural forms.

– Anne Kelly



Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet with Gold Filled Rings

Sterling Silver with Formed, Spiral Textured Gold-Filled Rings; Gold-Filled Clasp


View Anne’s jewellery



Two Tone Bowl – Blue

Glass  9.5 x 13


Lisa’s latest series of jewel-toned glass vessels highlight her unparalleled skill as a glazier.


Large Smarty Vase – Purple

Glass  12 x 13 x 4


View Lisa’s glass



Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled Chain with Patinated Silver Rings and Spiral Gold-Filled Beads

35.5″ long


“In this chain, the beautiful gold is highlighted by the black of the sterling silver. To obtain this contrast the silver has been patinated – Patina is a naturally occurring process when metal is exposed to air; think of the beautiful green that appears on copper roofs over time, or our pennies (when we had them) that turned from bright and shiny to dull brown.” – Doreen Schneider


Sterling Silver Abstracted Chain

18-20″ long (adjustable)


“I work mainly with sterling silver and semi-precious stones but sometimes I want to make a statement to illustrate the beauty and sophistication of silver alone – this Sterling Silver Abstracted Chain is the result.”  – Doreen Schneider

View Doreen’s jewellery



OCTOBER 6 – 17

Paintings in the exhibition are now on our website and pre-sales have begun. If you have any questions about works in the show or to purchase please contact us at 250-598-2184 or [email protected]

Exhibition Catalogue coming early next week…


Botany Bay Snag

Oil on canvas  20 x 12



Sandcut Beach

Oil on canvas  16 x 48



Foggy Isle

Oil on canvas  26 x 20


Thank you for taking the time read all about what’s new at the gallery! Visit us on our website or Facebook! We hope to see you in the gallery soon!


Heather, Catherine, Kathleen & Amber