We’re thrilled to share the results of our recent small paintings fundraiser for Victoria Hospice. Thanks to our loyal clientele, Our 2nd Annual “A Little Something…” was a tremendous success! We are delighted to announce that $2,134.00 was raised for Victoria Hospice.

Wow, our artists have been busy… so much to share with you! Jewellery, paintings, ceramics, sculpture and glass; enjoy these newest additions!

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Laflamme, Linda Les Etoiles de la Nuit mixed media canvas 40 x 40

Les Étoiles de la Nuit

Mixed media  40 x 40


Born in Montreal, Linda Laflamme began experimenting with painting at the young age of ten. After studying graphic design, she furthered her education at Centre Saydie Bronfman. Today, she draws inspiration from nature and the inescapable passage of time, exploring this subject through abstraction and mixed media.


View Linda’s paintings



Curious Crow  ,  Crow with Blackberry , Ordinary Crow

10″ (L) x 6″ (H) – bronze , 10″ (L) x 10″ (H) – bronze, 10″ (L) x 10″ (H) – bronze

$3000 each

Nicola’s mastery of form and ability to capture the corvus curiosity shines in this playful trio.

View Nicola’s sculptures



Sunset Neckpiece

Argentium Silver, Sterling Silver, Bronze


Dress it up, dress it down… Linda’s wearable jewellery is versatile, fun, and timeless.

View Linda’s jewellery


SG39 Red Skies at Night 48x24 $1850- square for web

Red Skies at Night

Acrylic on glass  48 x 24


Bold magenta with striking white accents come together in Gordon Scott’s latest statement glass panel.

View Gordon’s paintings


Mocking Bird in an Orange Bush 3.jpg

Mocking Bird in an Orange Bush

Edition 10 of 12, bronze  8.5 x 10.5 x 6.5


A man going about his day has come across a mystery. Setting down his suitcase he pays attention and is observed in return. For this period of time, at least, he departs from his script and becomes alive.

View Michael’s sculptures


LS089 Switch Axis Vase - Bottle - blue and green 17.5x10.5x6 $2000

Switch Axis Vase “Bottle”

Glass  17.5 x 10.5 x 6


Highly recognized glazier Lisa Samphire incorporates the advanced switched-axis technique to create this stunning vessel.

View Lisa’s glass and read about the switched-axis technique


SN2061 Spring Fever Loon & Baby 9 x 12.5 x 8 $2500

Spring Fever – Loon & Baby

Brazilian Soapstone  9 x 12.5 x 8


Nancy’s early memories from the shores of Lake Huron are reflected in this loon mother and baby.

“Early in the spring, just after the ice had left, the loons would arrive with their haunting call. I’d watch their nest from speckled eggs to soft chicks to the family swimming in the lake learning the way of life.” – Nancy Street

View Nancy’s sculptures


LJ04 Elegant Effect 72x48 $8250

Elegant Effect

Mixed media  72 x 48


Jou-Lee paints in a brisk, almost unfinished, manner stamped with a constant renewed freedom. In her paintings, multiple geometric shapes cross each other: circular arcs, triangles, squares and broken lines. The isolated and entangled shapes are hence survivors of a battle where art is the battlefield.

View Jou-Lee’s paintings


AB117 Reticulated Silver Links Necklace with Pendant $495- web

Reticulated Links Necklace

with Salt Cast Sterling Silver Pendant


Barbara’s dramatic, statement jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to that special outfit.

View Barbara’s jewellery


PR209 Pacific Rim 24x42 $5600 framed- cc

Pacific Rim

Oil on canvas  24 x 42


“Pacific Rim is a view of Pettinger Point at the South End of Cox Bay. Cox Bay is the favourite beach for surfers as it has the highest waves.” – Ron Parker

View Ron’s paintings


KC265 18kt yellow and white gold wide Morris ring with blue Chatham sapphires and diamonds size 7 $2350

Morris Ring

18kt yellow & white gold with blue Chatham sapphires & diamonds, size 7


Exquisitely crafted by De Beers award-winning jeweller Kevin Cremin, in 18kt yellow and white gold with sapphires and diamonds, this ring is a classic treasure.

View Kevin’s jewellery


SS12 Large Unit Variation 1 13x10.5x4.5 $495

Large Unit Variation 1

Ceramic  13 x 10.5 x 4.5


Sid’s work is influenced by aspects of nature and architecture. Shape, form, surface texture, colour and space are important elements. Surfaces are impressed and incised as well as glazed.

View Sid’s ceramics


Fort Necklace

Fort Necklace

Oxidized Silver & Bronze


A hand-cut, textured, and oxidized sterling silver bar is finely balanced by a combination of silver and brass chains. Hand textured and oxidized sterling silver ring completes this unisex piece. A timeless favourite.

View Raven & Stone’s jewellery



continuing through Monday, June 13

KK105 for that moment 48x48 $3980

For That Moment

Oil on canvas  48 x 48


View Kimberly’s entire exhibition


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