We welcome our newest ceramic artist Sid Samphire, whose sculptural slab and coil vessels embody a clean architectural style and palette.
Other recent arrivals by gallery painters Kimberly Kiel and Yared Nigussu share unique qualities of colour and energy.

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Artists Included in this Newsletter…

Sid Samphire White Structure - 11x5.5x5.5 - Ceramic The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC
White Structure
Ceramic  11.5 x 5 x 5.5
Sid initially studied painting and drawing at art school in England. He and his wife, Adele, came to Canada in 1965 and in 1972 Sid built a small pottery studio in his garden in response to his wife’s growing interest in working with clay. They also built a gas kiln under the guidance of the late Stan Clarke. With such facilities at hand it was impossible for Sid to resist playing with clay and to eventually master the technique.
SS08 - Window Unit - 8.25x6.75x2.125 - Ceramic - $68
Window Unit
Ceramic  8.25 x 6.75 x 2
Kimberly Kiel Chanteuse 36 x 24 The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC
Oil on canvas  36 x 24
Kimberly’s most recent arrivals showcase the breadth of styles that inspire her. Figurative, floral and landscape – elements that will be represented in her upcoming solo show, On the Surface, opening June 2.
KK62 Kimberly Kiel everything & everywhere 60x30 $3130
Everything & Everywhere
Oil on canvas  60 x 30
Yared Nigussu At The Harbour 36 x 60 Acrylic on canvas The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC
At the Harbour
Acrylic on canvas  36 x 60
For three years running, Yared has held the title of Art Battle National Champion after dominating in both the Vancouver Finals and Toronto Championship.
The spectrum of his work is quite amazing: from dynamic cityscapes reflecting the fast motion of the urban world to powerful, large-scale paintings of majestic animals. His latest series focuses on the powerful juxtaposition of pattern naturally born by the wild zebra.
NY05 Zebra Series #1 Oil on Canvas 36x48 $3800
Zebra Series I
Acrylic on canvas  36 x 48

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