Our talented artists have been hard at work and we are delighted to share their new creations with you!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… don’t forget your sweetheart! We have the most beautiful jewellery and lots of little treasures from which to choose!

Pictured at right:

Out Through the Side Door by Kimberly Kiel

Oil on canvas, 60″ x 20″


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Patty Ripley

Derek Kasper

Kimberly Kiel

Anne Kelly

Rob Elphinstone

Dale Dziwenka

Ron Parker




Preparing to Dive

Mixed Media  30 x 30


“There are those times that you step up to a challenge in life. Sometimes they come upon you unexpectedly. You stand at the edge and get quiet. You take a breath. You look out, down, then in and settle into your feet. The view nearly takes your breath away and the anticipation propels you forward. The large expanse awaits you. You’re Preparing To Dive. And it’s fun to do. Especially when you’re jumping in with another!”

– Patty Ripley


Derek Kasper China Syndrome II - 17x14x11.5 The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC

China Syndrome II

Ceramic  17 x 14 x 11.5


Derek’s newest series is created with the use of a hammered, copper bowl pressed into the clay to create this understated pattern and elegant, ‘full’ form.


Kimberly Kiel If the Past is Passed 40x60 The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC

If the Past Is Passed

Oil on canvas  40 x 60


As an artist, Kimberly is energetic, outgoing and charming – just like her lively paintings. Her full-of-life attitude perfectly depicts her creations.


Medium Width Timorphic Neckpiece Worn Knotted

Medium Width Timorphic Neckpiece

Welded, pure titanium rings with sterling silver clasp & rings


“The Timorphic Collection explores woven forms and the various ways in which such forms change shape when worn upon the human body. This neckpiece marries space-age resistance welding and machining with the age-old art of weaving maille to create a flexible tubular form that can be worn long, short, knotted, folded, or twisted to suit the mood and attire of its wearer.” – Anne Kelly


Rob Elphinstone Westcoast Seastack 30x40 The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC

Westcoast Seastack

Oil on canvas  30 x 40


“Along the north coast of Vancouver Island is the Cape Scott hiking trail that takes you to a lighthouse at the very tip of the island overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just before you arrive there lie several sea stacks that can be seen with a little effort. This painting was inspired by one of them.”

– Rob Elphinstone


Dale Dziwenka Crown of Thorns II 17in tall - Apple, Steel and Stone The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC

Crown of Thorns II

Apple, steel & stone  17″ high


“The tree for me has always been a symbol of strength and perseverance. It is critical to our survival.” – Dale Dziwenka


Ron Parker Ruby Beach 36x24 The Avenue Gallery Canadian contemporary art Victoria BC

Ruby Beach

Oil on canvas  36 x 24


Ron skillfully captures the shoreline in this latest masterpiece of Ruby Beach, on the coast of Olympic National Park. The lapping water is what draws you in, the lifelike detailing in the driftwood, sea stacks, thick forest, and cumulus clouds keep you captivated.

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