New abstract and floral paintings and stunning, wearable art (hint hint, jewellery!) that are a delight to the eye!

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Pictured right: Standing Alone
oil on canvas, 72 x 16

moment to moment 1 24x24 $1150
Moment to Moment 1
Oil on canvas  24 x 24
I’m most interested in manipulation of the paint, mark making and surface texture (and because of my process probably discard almost as much paint as actually ends up on the canvas! Not a very efficient way to paint, suffice it to say)…
– Kimberly Kiel

Lunar Series Earrings_01
Lunar Series Earrings
Sterling Silver
The lunar series earrings were designed to reflect the silver moonlight. Each earring differs slightly with a reflective concave side to reflect the crescent moon, and a reflective convex side to reflect the gibbous moon. Put the earrings together and they create a full sphere with a beautiful scratch finish. Wear these earrings for a night out on the town, or during a full moon! 
– HK + NP Studio


Corre Alice Don't Stop Now 36x47 The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art gallery
Don’t Stop Now
Oil & acrylic on canvas  47 x 36
I paint freely but with formal restraints, respecting the integrity of the structure in the attempt to create tension. I intend to communicate to the viewer a recognizable sensation by forcing expression into a system, impulsively painting with regard to the logical.  – Corre Alice

Sapphire one footer
Sterling Silver One Footer Ring
0.78 ct pale blue sapphire set in 18k white gold
(note: image shows sapphire set in yellow gold)
This version of the Onefooter ring reminds me of candy in its lusciousness. Like all my Onefooter rings, this one also begins as one foot length of sterling silver wire, which is first pushed and pulled in various directions, then wound repeatedly into a continuous loop, wrapping around the finger many times without beginning or end. Each ring is unique and different; no two are the same. – Dorothee Rosen

MH014 Orange Berries 36 x 48 $4200- web
Orange Berries
Acrylic on canvas  36 x 48
 Beginning his successful career in photography, Hisao has been collected worldwide. A more recent interest in exploring painting as a medium, led to this graphically-inspired collection.

FL105 WAVY SWIRL Neckpiece $495 Argentium Silver
Wavy Swirl Neckpiece
Argentium Silver

“To create a thing of beauty.” During my professional career as clothing designer this was my mission. In my retirement, many years later, as a jewelry artist, my goal remains the same. I love texturing metals, especially with irregular and organic surfaces. I create unique texture plates with impressions of seashells, rocks, or stamps, those that are interesting to me.  I like to use a variety of techniques, without limitation, to achieve the look I want. My pieces are fired with my torch as well as in my kiln and metal smith techniques used. I like to hammer my sterling silver chains throughout my collections because I love the way they shimmer rather than shine.

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Heather, Catherine, Kathleen & Amber