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AL175 The Journey Ahead 48x96 by Linzy Arnott $5000 canvas
The Journey Ahead
Acrylic on canvas  48 x 96
“The beauty of the sea and vistas is the metaphor I use to represent the underlying message of choosing to see the “light side” wherever you turn. It is like that old saying “face the sun and you can’t see the shadows” doesn’t mean the shadows aren’t there, it just means you are choosing to see and appreciate the good in all life is offering you in every moment. That is what painting means to me and that is what I hope to share with my work.” – Linzy Arnott
Pavel Barta Walking bronze 12x9x5 The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art
Bronze  12 x 9 x 5
“The best reward I can get is to know that thanks to my art someone’s day became brighter.” – Pavel Barta
Tanya Bone The Ginger Jar 8x10 Oil on Linen The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art
The Ginger Jar
Oil on linen  8 x 10
“I get lost in the choices and the beauty of balancing still life arrangements. When I have completed the arrangement of a set-up, I sit back and take a long moment just to savour its stillness.” – Tanya Bone
Blu Smith We All Needs the Clowns to Make Us Smile 60 x 42 The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art
We All Need the Clowns to Make Us Smile
Mixed Media  60 x 42

“Light is very important and creates the power within my work. It makes it pop out of the canvas when that luminosity comes through. There are many different techniques that I use and light is not strictly about white. Light is about many different colours combined. I know when I’m happy with a piece and it’s almost finished that it’s time to start putting in the light and making it emanate out, make it glow, and that’s when it all comes together.” – Blu Smith


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Honica Zylstra Shoreline Necklace The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art

Shoreline Necklace
Austrian Crystal, Petrified Wood, Freshwater Pearls, Handworked Brass, Chrysanthemum Stone, Dyed Shell, Glass, Citrine, Jade, Bronzite

Each piece of Honica’s jewellery is unique and hand crafted. Honica works each metal piece, each spiral, each stone individually. A single metal component may undergo eight individual, separate, hand processes before it is ready to be featured in the finished composition. Each piece of jewellery is an original design.


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Ron Parker Last Rays of the Sun 40x24 Oil on Canvas The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art

Last Rays of the Sun
Oil on canvas  40 x 24


“By painting wet into wet and using only one coat of paint in most paintings, I am able to return to realistic, detailed renderings of landscape.I can create subtle water reflections, smooth gradations in clouds as well as refined detail in foliage. The adoption of painting in oils exclusively has enabled me to capture the detail, light, texture, colour and mood of any scene.” – Ron Parker

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Kathi Bond Buddy Soapstone The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art

Soapstone  6 x 6
Kathi loves to work with soapstone, as the vast spectrum of mineral content produces a variety of colours that bring life to her work. The texture and tactile aspects of the medium guide her in letting the finished sculpture emerge from the stone, still appearing in motion.
Patty Ripley Infinite Range Mixed Media The Avenue Gallery Victoria BC Canadian contemporary art gallery
Infinite Range
Mixed media  48 x 48
Patty states that Infinite Range was inspired by “finding pleasure in BC mountains as they stack upon one another, exposing layers that seem to go on forever from high vistas.”


When I was around six, my grandma from New York came to visit us with a box of oil pastels just for me ~ I can still remember the smell, the buzzy excitement of looking at all those colors lined up waiting for action! Both parents are highly attuned visually ~ we kids were surrounded by beauty, design and art growing up and many outings to new architecture (Dad’s profession) to witness creating at a large scale.

Through my paintings, I desire to connect with people by offering a deeply nurturing and meaningful experience that enlightens at an emotional level. If wowed, calmed or moved by my painting, I’ve given a gift to the world and feel complete gratitude.



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