We’re inviting you to tour the gallery through our captivating mini videos of new paintings by Susie Cipolla and Rob Elphinstone.

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Susie Cipolla
Rob Elphinstone
Sneak Preview of Fall Exhibitions




Wooden Boats II
Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10

We are captivated by the vibrancy of colour and detail in this newest arrival into the gallery; the first in Susie Cipolla’s west coast fishing boat series.

CS47 Susie Cipolla Bumper Boats 36 x 24 $2280- web

Bumper Boats
Acrylic on canvas  36 x 24

See Susie’s paintings in the gallery; click the video to watch!

View more of Susie’s paintings


ER54 Rob Elphinstone Limited space 30x24 $1850- web

Limited Space
Oil on canvas 30 x 24

“It is always amazing to see how only a couple of trees manage to survive the conditions atop these sea stacks.” – Rob Elphinstone

ER55 Rob Elphinstone San Josef Bay Seastack 16x20 $1250- web

San Josef Bay Seastack
Oil on canvas 16 x 20

“This waterfall is found at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet which is accessible from the Sunshine Coast near Earl’s Cove. One of the more beautiful falls along the west coast, it seemed a perfect subject by which to study the multitude of colours present in moving water.” – Rob Elphinstone

See Rob’s paintings in the gallery; click the video to watch!

View more of Rob’s paintings


Coastal Inspirations

October 1 – 9, 2015

Linzy Arnott, Mary-Jean Butler, Bi Yuan Cheng, Susie Cipolla, Rob Elphinstone, Crystal Heath, Brent Lynch, Ron Parker, & Blu Smith

Capturing the essence of the west coast, our artists highlight a fragment of time in nature.  Illuminated skies, fog laden coves, cliff-perched arbutus trees, marina life and rugged coastlines, our artists will take you to there…

Linzy Arnott Langford Lake Moonrise 36x36 $2000 resin on panel

Langford Lake Moonrise by Linzy Arnott


October 22 – 29, 2015

Corre Alice, Susie Cipolla, Patty Ripley, Joan Skeet, Blu Smith, & Dawn Stofer

Explore semi and non-representational relationships of structure as created by our gallery painters.

SB88 Impact 48x54 $4890

Impact by Blu Smith

Timeless: Not Affected by the Passage of Time

Group Exhibition

November 5 – 13, 2015

Layers of illumination and shadow form the basis of this exhibition that features works of painterly perfection.

BT036 Tanya Bone Heritage 18x24 Oil on Linen The Avenue Gallery Victoria B.C.

Heritage by Tanya Bone

(This painting was a Finalist at N.O.A.P.S., The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, Spring 2015 Exhibition)



Our own Dorothée Rosen’s 18k One Footer Ring with Canadian Diamond was recently featured in Mercedes-Benz Magazine.

Click here to read: https://magazine.mercedes-benz.ca/hidden-gems/


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