We’re pleased to reconnect with master ceramicist Sandra Dolph, who was showcased in Heather’s previous gallery 16 years ago.

In this newsletter, there is something for everyone’s taste – ceramics, jewellery, and paintings.

Click below to see the second of our Artist Profile Series, featuring landscape painter Ron Parker:


DS05 Sandra Dolph slate blue panel box 5.5 x 15 $350-web2

Slate Blue Panel Box
Ceramic 5.5 x 15

“Pots, sculptures and wall reliefs express my understanding of the world, of how I see the inside world, the outside world. The more I know my home in these two worlds (which are after all, one), the more awareness I am able to bring to the making of the pieces. “- Sandra Dolph


RAR170 Andrea Russell Wrap Band with Burmese Quartz $525

Wrap Band Ring
Reticulated Silver & Burmese Quartz

When not at her home studio on Galiano Island, Andrea can be found in the jungle on the northernmost Thai -Burmese border, organizing and performing in SPARK! CIRCUS a volunteer-based fire circus program for refugee and migrant children.




DD20 Dale Dzwenka TAKE A DEEP BREATH steel stone 23 inches $4600 .JPG1- web

Take a Deep Breath
Steel, Wood, & Stone 23″ tall

“Take the time to stop, take a deep breath, open yourself to all that is going on. Maybe we have forgotten the connection that we have with the Earth.”- Dale Dziwenka




SD101 Doreen Schneider Cn2422gf 14c Gold fill chain $440

14 Carat Gold-Filled Chain – (links of two sizes)
63 cm long

“The design and fabrication of jewellery is truly magical for me, especially when the pieces so often make the wearer feel so very special.”- Doreen Schneider



SG84 Geoff Searle Small Slab vase withtop -goldwire 9x8.5 $495

Small Slab Vase with Top
Ceramic 9 x 8.5″

“The combination of burnishing clay and firing in a ground pit is not a new idea. The method has been used for centuries. By adding organic materials and metals to the process, many unique, complex and exciting pieces are created.”- Geoff Searle, on the pit firing process


SD98 Dawn Stofer Seated Figure 18 x 24 $950

Seated Figure
Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24

Dawn’s paintings are distinguished by their bold use of colour, simple composition and subtle implications of things going on which are not directly represented. They are still lives which allude to the actions of life. The references in these abstracted images, often with somewhat skewed perspectives, are drawn from her imagination and memories.


Did you know that most of Dawn Stofer’s years of gainful employment were spent in the film industry working as a stunt performer? Being curious, adaptable and physically capable, she did well. Dawn was the stunt double for Goldie Hawn, Kirstie Alley, Lindsay Wagner to name but a few! She worked on countless television series such as McGyver, The Outer Limits and The X-Files. She was set on fire, jumped from buildings, drove in car chases and performed in many glamourous / unglamourous situations…